Acne Could Lead To Suicide If Attention Is Not Given

A high percentage of more than 23% of teenagers admitted to suicidal thoughts. This is due to the high levels of stress faced in all ordinary life situations. Adults can also start to get affected. Depression may set in if the condition does not clear away especially by the age of 30. Women however can be seen to be more vulnerable to loss of self esteem because of more self consciousness. Society generally expects women to carry around more perfect skin than their male counterparts. Teenagers however may accept that their acne is age related, but this can be harder for adults.

Signs of depression should be recognised as early as possible and treatment sort and given in order to curb the problem early enough. This is to avoid it leading into feelings of worthlessness which can lead to attempted or successful suicide in the worst of the cases. Dermatologists and doctors can be a great help for people already suffering from cases of depression.

Unemployment may result if certain people are still suffering from acne later in their adult lives. Those employed may not enjoy their work and may tend to take more days off than necessary risking their jobs as a result.

The production of testosterone increases both in girls and in boys once they are approaching puberty. This is the main reason why sebum in the skin is increased in production as well. This skin becomes more greasy than before. This further leads to the formation of spots on these areas. Young adults can be more sensitive to these extra hormones in their blood. They are the ones who are as a result more prone in getting acne. It not that a larger than normal amount of the hormone is being produced. Its just that the patient is more sensitive to it, get more info.

Exercise has many side benefits that exercise to offer. It can help to serve as a solution to some selected acne problems. Glucocorticoids are hormones that deal with the response of the body to stress. These hormones can include stop the less important functions of the body at that particular moment. These functions are more important for the functioning of the body. They could be digestion, hunger, reproduction and growth as well.

When the cause of acne is bacteria lying under the skin then antibiotics can help to sort the problem out. These can be got by paying a visit to the doctor.

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